Protective Symbol




protects you against physical negative forces

Needs to be carried with you to protect.

Protective Symbol



protects you against non-physical negative forces

Needs to be carried with you to protect.

The symbol means that the way in to the light is closed for negative energies:

1 The big red spot represents the place where The Supreme Light resides.

2 The 4 black spots are the the planets closest to The Central Sun.

3 The triangle represents Knowledge.

4 The two strokes in an angle mean an entrance or a way in.

5 The circle means that the entrance in is closed.

Protecting Symbol



protects against both physical and non-physical negative forces

Only needs to be visualized to protect.

The symbol opens up for knowledge, power, strenght and balance with the "Wholeness":

1 The red pyramid represents wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is open to non-physical beings.

2 A white and black triangle means one can balance light and darkness. The white triangle balances all the negative energies. It clears physical energies. That one can stand in the midst of darkness without being contaminated or influenced by it.

3 The upper red lines stands for "Power". The lower red line at the bottom represents "Force" and supports the "Power".





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