My E.T. Diary by Channie Centara

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My ET Diary

In this extraordinary book an Extraterrestrial person (Alien), incarnated in a human body, for the first time tells her story - from the first contact with Extraterrestrials at the age of five to the awakening to the great mission to which she was born.

My E.T. Diary also gives you never before told insights into the lives of the peoples of the Universe, the Lightforce that forms the bond between them and the great change that is very soon to take place right here on Earth. The Shift to the New Earth. 


A tiny excerpt

Channie Cha entered the hall of the Council in the Alliance’s headquarters on Azhiz. She sat down on her chair. She had been carrying a thick folder that she now laid down on the big and very long table in front of her. The folder contained maps and other sheets filled with information. The sheets were made of a plastic-like material and were completely translucent until information was transferred through a thin, whitish-gray strip that she moved across the sheet. When you wanted to change the information on the sheet, only the strip was replaced. This way, there was no waste of paper or other materials.

Channie Cha leafed through the folder and waited for the others. She was the first one to arrive; maybe because this meeting concerned her more than it did the others. At this meeting the planet Earth was going to be discussed, and this happened to be the very planet where she had chosen to incarnate. As a matter of fact, right now, her earth-body was in bed, sleeping. 

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Below is what Channie says to the reader

To the reader 

I only ask three things of you who are about to read this book: 

1      Read the book from beginning to end without going back and forth in it. 

2      Try to see, and find, the message of this book, and share what you find with others. 

3      Be humble before that of which you know nothing about yet, and don’t judge others for their experiences. 

(It is naturally up to you as the reader to choose what you want to believe, because after all, only a ‘true’ experience can validate a fact.)

Back Cover:

"While the human being is looking into telescopes for life in space, the extraterrestrial is already standing beside her, wondering what she is doing."

Meet Christina from Sweden. When she was five years old, she had her first physical extraterrestrial encounter. When she was a little older, she started to write a diary about her adventures in the Universe. Go with her on a journey to different planets. Meet different species; some that look like us, and some that look like nothing we could imagine. Meet her friends; friendly physical extraterrestrials that want to help us save the Earth. 


We get to follow Christina all the way through her adolescence and innocence, into adulthood when she was told that she, too, was an extraterrestrial. Follow her through dramatic and wonderful experiences “out there.” 

This diary raises many questions, one of them being: "How much do you know about who you are?"

My Angel Diary by Channie Centara

© 1997 Channie West All Rights Reserved

My Angel Diary

My Angel Diary takes my breath away. It is wisdom cover to cover. It is knowledge spilled onto pages. It is  joy that is engraved into your heart. It is beauty and beauty’s reflection. To those who love angels, it brings them closer. To those who are mystified by angels, it clarifies. To those who doubt that there are angels, it dispels doubt. It’s like the Sun. This book does shine. It is an indelible shine for it is the shimmer of Insight that is brought to the reader. Channie has an angel body, not only an extraterrestrial one. She has many other bodies, also. Could it be that you also have an angel body? Someone who is part of your Total Self and you are just not aware of it? Maybe you do. Maybe this book will awaken truths in you. Memories in you. Insights worth looking into!

Perhaps Channie's own poem says it the best:

The light of Insight

The light of a wing touches

A heart is awakened to faith and trust

Love conquers in obscure worlds

Words are shimmering when wings are touching

Thoughts are free when given the Light of Insight

A tiny Excerpt

The sun filled her entire room now, even though it was still early. The sun was always in her room – every morning – and through the years, it would fade the colors on both paintings and wallpaper. But she didn’t care so much about the damage done to material things. To her, a faded picture was the same as a picture of sunlight. It was a picture of rays that had been enticed into being stuck in matter, behind glass and a frame. But we also see the passing of time, and the years that pass, through the faded items. ‘I wonder how long I’ll stay here,’ Channie thought, even though she knew the answer already.

“Sunlight behind glass, in a frame,” she mumbled. “Other people would probably not look at it the same way I do. They are afraid of their wrinkles, and the “tooth of time” on their material possessions, while I look at wrinkles as an exciting map of adventures and life experiences. In the signs of their wrinkles, their life lies open, naked, and exposed to be curious about, and to enjoy. Experiences, insights, happiness and sorrow; you can see it all in the beauty of wrinkles. Just like the irises in our eyes change, and the lines in the hands change with every big event in life, so does the skin change in several places. She loved the human beings – young and old – and every little wrinkle.

These thoughts made her ethereal wings open up. It was a little painful and it tingled, in a nice way, between her shoulder blades. She mumbled quietly: “Oh, God, let me embrace the human beings, so that they can see all which is wonderful and unique in every little part of this creation. Before they destroy and obliterate themselves and the Earth. Let me open their hearts so that they can look at the truth, and see for themselves. Let us keep all the small wonders here. They haven’t realized what they stand for, what they represent, who they are, or what their part is. Let us help them right now when the feeling inside me is so great. Let me be your wings on Earth.”

Channie closed her eyes for a few moments and opened them again, so that she could smile through them at the angels in the room. There were angels of all kinds there; of paper and porcelain, but there were also new additions of flesh and blood, or those who consists of only light. Those who had just arrived all said in unison: “Fly with us. Let us embrace the Earth in this early morning.”

Channie laughed quietly and said: “So, you mean that I, too, ought to sleep in this morning?”

“Yes, fly with us!”

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Back cover:

"It is essential that humankind understands and assumes her true role in the Universe.

Everything is united through an eternal flow. It is like a jigsaw puzzle where the Earth and humankind are pieces of the pattern and of the All. No puzzle is complete without all the pieces; no pattern is finished, or perfect, without all of the details being in full harmony with each other.

When humankind assumes her true role in the All, she will see the whole picture and find peace in her existence. Then – and only then – will humankind be able to go into a new consciousness, and the New Earth will be born as a member of another dimension"


My Starry Knight Diary by Channie Centara (coming in English..)

© 2003 Channie West All Rights Reserved

My Starry Knight Diary

10 Higher Transcripts by Channie Centara

© 2001 Channie West All Rights Reserved

Channie C. Centara has presented 10 Intensive Spiritual Knowledge Classes that began in November 2001 and completed at the end of January 2002. They were called 'An Understanding of Fundamental Truths for Energetic Advancement'. These classes presented information that had not ever before been given on the Earth Plane. I have attended these classes and they have been totally life changing.


These classes have been transcribed by Wistancia Stone, Head Teacher for Universal White Time Healing USA, and she has taken on the privilege of representing them by making them available to you. You can now receive the written full transcriptions of each of these 10 important classes. This information can not be discovered anywhere else on Earth, as you will see when you begin to read the information. It is not in books. It is not being taught. It is Knowledge that is widely known in the higher realms. And it is NOW being brought here, for it is Time. We are a planet in Deep Transition and Knowledge prepares, changes, and assists The Shift. Knowledge is vibration!

Below is a list of the 10 Classes: Each class took place during one full day, which was about 7 hours.


These transcripts are available for purchase on Wistancia's site

Wistancia can be reached by email:

or directly on her personal line: +1-818-706-8533








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