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We mourn with each other and we give money to the victims of the catastrophe. But who thinks about the ocean as a victim? The catastrophe is actually just as big in there. All the litter and junk that was sucked out into the ocean, all the chemicals, oils, gasoline, etc., it's not exactly in place there, is it? Who thinks about that? All the ocean beings that are dependent on clean beaches with a lot of clean sand, fin-tuned sensitive parts of coral reefs, who heals them now? There is a lot that was damaged or is now polluted. It neeeds help because all the junk will go somewhere even if it doesn't show that much on the surface anymore. We can never give back a human life that was lost, but we can still heal. Hurt people will also get healed. But the ocean needs a longer time, 40-200 years, because of our junk.


My advice is to look through NET 1 where the Golden Movement part 1 is described. Go to an ocean if you can. Pat the water and ask that the energy that the Golden Movement gives shall travel to the whole water structure of Asia, and everything inside its oceans and close by oceans and currents. When it comes to water, it is a little like "all roads lead to Rome". The energy will get there.


You can also form a sphere between your hands after you have done the Golden Movement part 1. You can then ask to send the sphere to the waters of Asia via your Heart Chakra or your Third Eye. This extraterrestrial symbol stands for cleansing of liquid. Water is purified, but also other parts of that which we call water. The dangerous components and chemicals will be broken down to their basic elements.


To Really be able to work with this, you should get the initiations for it, so for that please feel free to contact us.



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Healing Water

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