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White Time can also be used in interplanetary travel. The extraterrestrial vessels use White Time-tunnels, which have been specially constructed. They can also be used for soul traveling over vast distances. But, there are also streaks of White Time traversing the universe like thin threads. These streaks, or threads, are often pulled together to form White Time. This is not an ideal solution, since they are unstable and not wholly trustworthy as interplanetary “roads.” If a thread breaks, the vessel will suddenly find itself in “real-time”, and might miss the next jump to another thread. White Time-tunnels are a better solution. They are stable and more exact. The Extraterrestrials use them to travel by “jumping” between different tunnels. This is how it works: all planets have something called a six-point system (for lack of a better word in English). Through these systems, the planet not only takes in White Time, but also “breathes” out bad and used up energy. If the six-point system is situated in a forest, for instance, it is free to exchange energy with the universe. Should there, on the other hand, be a house or a highway on top of the six-point system, it will be cut off. In the old times, people knew better than to build their houses on six-point systems, but nowadays we don't consider these things.

The tunnel is directed towards the sky. In itself, the tunnel does not contain enough White Time energy to allow a vessel to travel in its “beam” to another planet. However, when the tunnel points straight into another tunnel, there will be enough energy to allow vessels to travel through the tunnel. Imagine some oranges, each with a matchstick inserted in them. The matchstick is the White Time-tunnel. When they point directly at each other, the two tunnels connect.


White Time consists of six energies that together create a seventh energy. If you wanted to travel from planet A to planet B, with two tunnels pointing at each other, it would take no more than exactly 0.00043 seconds, no matter how far the distance! This is how interplanetary travel is accomplished: you travel through one tunnel, jumps to the next, travel through that one, jump to the next and so on. Also, you can connect two vertical tunnels, should you want to travel horizontally. This is accomplished by sending out small (4 inches to 7 yards long) dish-like vessels from the vessel in which you are traveling.

Time Travel

Often, humans spot these smaller vessels. But the large vessels we rarely see, because they are in a White Time-tunnel and cannot be seen. The existence of White Time-tunnels can explain why people experience a UFO-observation at the same site, differently. Three people experience different things, depending on if they are inside the six-point system, on the border, or outside of it. If you stand inside, you experience everything that takes place. You might find that your watch indicates a different time after the experience. Hours can have passed, and the person cannot account for the time. People standing outside the six-point system can lose sight of their friend inside. If you are standing on the border of the six-point system you may see something and you may not. You can lose vision of what is happening inside and it can come back again. The person standing outside sees and feels nothing.


The six-point system is common in nature, although it is not laid out in any particular pattern that can be seen or calculated. Systems where the tunnels open are typically 5-500 meters across. They can also be positioned together and form big clusters of systems, not unlike the ones you find in beehives. The borders between, inside and outside of the system would typically measure between 1-1.5 yards in diameter. The tunnel stretches upwards, and like a crystal, it becomes narrower up to about 248 miles above the Earth. Here it starts to widen again and continues to stretch out in space. The form of the tunnel could be described as two crystals pointing at each other. The place where the two “crystals” meet is the place where our Heaven is situated above Earth. Heaven is placed in another dimension and cannot be seen.


You can experience a six-point system in nature. You can search out a six-point system and draw energy from the female center, the male center or the healing point that is located inside the six-point system. Often, nature is at her most beautiful where a six-point system resides. Often, archeological findings accompany a six-point system. Our ancestors knew how to use White Time. Use a browser or pendulum to find a six-point system. If you come across one, interesting things can happen depending on whether the six-point system is activated (that is, pointing at another tunnel on another planet) or not. If it is activated, you may see a scale with the wrong weight, a compass going crazy, a clock showing the wrong time, specific smells, sounds and tastes. Your body may feel a tingling sensation, heat or cold, or you may feel the tunnel around and above you. A milky white haze may come before your eyes or the surrounding nature may become distorted. Lasers and light beams may set off downwards. A laser shot through a six-point system will break off downwards, but will return to “normal” when entering the world outside the tunnel. Also, equipment measuring electromagnetic fields will show a drop to zero when positioned inside a six-point system.



White Time Portals are

Time Traveling

Crystal Gates to the Stars

Certain people trained by Extraterrestrials can activate or even build a six-point system of their own. Every human being does this at least twice in his/her life: at birth and at death. White Time is used to travel down to Earth and “home” to Heaven or your home planet after death. The famous “tunnel” that so many people experience in the well-known “near-death-experiences” that you read about, is a White Time-tunnel.


The planets “speak” to each other through White Time-tunnels and exchange information and energy through them. Power plants built by Extraterrestrials use universal energy, taken through a White Time-tunnel. The best way to build a power station is to build two, one on your own planet, and the other on a neighboring planet and let the tunnels activate between them. You then proceed to build them in such a way that both tunnels are activated at the same time.


In the Bermuda Triangle, there are both a large and powerful six-point system, and power station beneath the surface.

Soul Travel

You can also learn to master the White Time in other ways.

You can, for instance, learn how to sort out the present time. Then you will have the ability to walk through walls, since in past times, there were no walls! When a person connects to White Time, they connect on the atomic level in the body. You actually fill the empty space between the atoms with White Time. Every human being has an empty space between his/her atoms; some people have more empty space than others do. They have a wider and cleaner empty space, that is achieved through mental and spiritual development. In the end, this kind of person becomes one with the breathing of Earth and participates in lifting Earth into a more refined structure. This means that insight into spiritual matters helps the Earth to evolve as a planet! Extraterrestrials usually prefer to contact this type of person because their empty space can be filled with White Time, which will enable one to travel mentally, and so decreasing the need for travel “in the flesh” to other planets!




About Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment comes in different steps. And the Total Enlightenment and its steps never end, not even for an already Enlightened Master.


The first step in regular spirituality is usually a new form of consciousness, curiosity and a wider search for answers. The first step in a spiritual evolving towards Enlightenment is much more advanced. There it is about a person who already has searched and found the answers to much more than others have come to understand, and even are aware of. The person has already evolved and grown, maybe for many, many years, and now the person has reached so far that their own, personal frequency in the body has started to change and raise itself and wants to change the tone. The inner vibration on the smallest level inside of the atom’s absolute smallest building part wants to change its tone. When this has happened, the whole body and all of its atoms have changed the frequency and the person has, by that, reached a new and higher vibrating personal frequency.


At the higher steps of Spiritual Enlightenment, when the own, specific personal frequency reaches even higher levels, “dark etheric particles,” with a lower frequency, will start leaving the body, the aura and the outer layer of the Soul structure. At this process it is actually possible for a person to experience, or see, in the air around them, small, small dark specs with light in the middle. The size of these “dark” specs can vary depending upon the level of the person’s development. When this happens, the surroundings react, especially the nature and animals. Nature reflects back the person’s Spiritual Enlightenment. Animals react with curiosity and can sit and look in the air, or the aura, around the person. The person who spiritually can see will then, most likely, see the response in nature for the person’s new Spiritual standards. Nature responds often very strong. It gives out a shimmer of gold around the leaves of trees, bushes, grass, and flowers. The shimmer is reaching out and trying to touch the person’s outer layer of the aura. It wants to show that the person now more deeply belongs to, and with more

harmony, is connected to everything around them.

Astral Projection

The next step is that new “light, etheric particles”, with a higher vibration are drawn towards the person and when they come in, they replace the old “dark” particles. The new, light particles could also be experienced, this time, as small, but brighter, glowing and much whiter specs, with an even brighter light in its middle. At this stage of Spiritual evolution, the person can even experience that they are glowing a little bit in the dark and that there will be light underneath the covers in their bed. They will still need their nightlight for reading, haha!


When the person starts to experience their true Light, it doesn’t mean that they get full access to all their own, or universal, forces, memories of parallel or past lives, universal languages or telepathy, or other possibilities like free levitation. It is very common that the person then feels the urge to change their name. This is because the old name no longer resonates in the right way with the person’s new frequency. At this part of Enlightenment, it is smart to have help. Help from someone who already knows or understands just a bit more than you yourself do. A person who knows what will happen next and what would be the likely next step. Because when memories, pictures, signs start to flow in, it could be a little bit overwhelming, to start with. And it could be a little bit difficult to interpret all of that yourself. Sometimes it is difficult to understand all the memories, pictures and signs and then, on top of that, having someone starting to talk in your head. That could be a little bit over the edge for many. Because at this stage, the spiritual leader’s guides and guardian angels will try to step one step closer to the person, and make their voices heard. In the beginning it can be like having a radio that needs to be adjusted for the right frequency, so that it can better receive that specific channel that you wish for. Or like a TV that needs an adjustment to the color, contrast, and sound. For some it could be that the receiving pictures, or the text, are very tiny. All that depends upon the fact that the etheric particles have not aligned right, yet, and placed themselves in the right order of how things should be.


What could be said about spiritual evolving towards Enlightenment is that you can never become the spiritual icon that you carry within inside of you and in your heart as the perfect example of Spirituality. That specific Master or God, female Master or Goddess, that your own beliefs have led you to, the ones that you look up to and believe in within your deepest of your being cannot be duplicated. It is most likely that you will become something totally different because it is enough with one Archangel Michael, one St. Germain, one Jesus, and one Mother Mary, etc. These and other Masters, Gods and Goddesses stand for something very special and they have their specific energies and forces that they work with. But you and I will stand for something special, but with our own energies and forces to work with when we are fully grown. And you and I will become as unique as our idealistic spiritual icons. But we will become it, in our own way, because everyone is different and everyone is unique. We are all separate pieces and highly unique. We are small pieces in life’s enormous puzzle, where no piece should be looking the same as another.


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