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Beyond Education 1+2 - Shop right now for this discount!

Develop Yourself Maximum and get to Understand The Greatest Inner Secrets.. Given in Class or by phone or Skype, emails and CDs

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Boards Seminar & Class Never before known Anywhere on Earth

Receive Your own New Secret Signs & Energies, including New Huge Highenings and extremely Sacred Board Meditations. Discounted

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Universal White Time Crystal & Mineral Healing Practitioner 1+2

Training, Full Certifications with Diploma. Unique New Initiations, Upgradings and Highenings. Experienced Physically in Class

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Universal White Time Healing Session - 8 and more is 50% off!

60 minutes+ of Universal White Time Healing which works into the Past & Future and on Parallel Timelines and in Other Worlds..

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Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones Layouts - Also by Distance

120 minutes+ Choose among Different spesific Ultrasound Overtones for Any sickness, well-being, developments and spirituality etc.

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Meditations for full Ascension to 5D and much much Further..

200 minutes+ of Extraterrestrial Meditations for Your Ascensions.

Huge Spiritual Highenings and Upgradings. Lifts Your Soul & Spirit..

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New Earth & Sun Teacher Training 1 of 10 - Also by Distance

With New Higher Information and Extraterrestrial Meditations. Full Teacher Certifications for Every Course. Same price for each level

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Boards Session by Distance for Present, Past & Future Wishes

By Distance, at agreed time, so you can tune in too if you wish. The Energies can Activate Now or in Years to come for Perfect Moments

20,00 €
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Boards Drops for Any Physical & Spiritual Wishes, Past & Future

4700 Drops in a 8 oz/ 236 ml Glass Bottle & Dropper. 1 Drop lasts 6 months, 8 last 4 years etc. Radiates 60 miles/ 96 km. Use on, in and

For Anything You Desire! Fully Safe. Brings out The Best in Everyone

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Magic Drops for The Ultimate Unlimited Spiritual Experiences

4700 Drops in a 8 oz/ 236 ml Glass Bottle & Dropper. Each Drop has Different Energies. Helps, Cleanses & makes Hearts & Souls Blossom Enlightenments. Physical & Non-physical. Past and Future Timelines

285,00 €
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Beyond Time Space Drops ~ Making the impossible, Possible

4700 Drops in a 8 oz/ 236 ml Glass Bottle & Dropper. Each Drop with Multiple of Sublime Vibrations, Always Changing Higher & Higher.. Human brains cannot understand what these incredible Drops will do

800,00 €
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Beyond Time Space Gemstone with Multiple of Highest Energies

A most Super Sacred and Beautiful Gemstone - Ultimate Highenings.

Beyond Divinity. Human brains cannot understand what this will do.

We'll send pictures of Your own Masterpiece to Choose before starting

700,00 €
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Boards Programmed Sunstone which Radiates Boards Forever

Every time someone touch or looks at your Sunstone, they'll get New Higher Boards! For Any Physical & Spiritual Wishes! Past and Future Timelines. Possibilities Becomes Endless. Share with a special Friend

110,00 €
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A Magically Divine Programmed Morganite Especially for You

For Rare Protections, Highenings and Developments on All levels! 

Brings in Millions of Different Frequencies from Higher Dimensions & Universes. An Absolute Must have for The Best! Always keep it close

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The Majestic Elephant
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