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Channie Cha Centara West is The Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on planet Earth and 1st Supreme Teacher. She is also Ambassador for Universal White Time Crystal & Mineral Healing, The Beyond Educations, The Beyond Healing, The New Earth Teachers Educations, The Board of Knowledge,                                                           and she even teaches a lot of other things as well. She is The one who trains all of the Highest Teachers World-wide. Her understanding of the Cosmos is very deep, yet she is very humble.


Channie had her first meeting with physical Extraterrestrials when she was 5 years old. Channie is a REAL Extraterrestrial Contactee who travels fully Soully (astrally) or Physically (bodily), 100% consciously and awake, into Past or Future time-lines and Space, to many other worlds and stars in different galaxies throughout the Universe, other Universes, and even Beyond. She has had Physical Contacts on earth and on other worlds with Extraterrestrials from the Light and Love side, Fairies, Aliens, Angels, Archangels and Light Beings; in shapes of higher levels of physical or more non-physical. She is very much connected with all of these realms and her work has been with them.

The ETs Channie cooperates with would never Abduct a soul without it's own personal Wish, or implant any negative technology! They believe in Everyone's own Free will! They would never scare, hurt or damage anyone in any way whatsoever. She always says, from her direct experience, that they all work together in harmony. And Channie's Earth body is not her primary body, because she actually also exists Physically in other Higher worlds, and is Fully Conscious of her lives in those bodies.


Channie works with advanced New types of Healing with increased Light & Love, to help Everyone. And now she works on Earth gathering and teaching people who are helping our present Earth to transform into the New Earth, our dear old Earth's Rebirth into Another New young planet, after all these years, to help Earth in its spiritual evolution which actually reaches out throughout the Universe.

Channie is a teacher of Universal Knowledge in a multitude of areas: science, technology, languages, spirituality, as well as Universal White Time Healing and White Time Gemstone Healing. She also speaks over 42 different languages from different planets, including the oldest language in the Universe, Universal Vibrational Language. The symbols used in Universal White Time are from this language. She works with scientists to give them knowledge and greater understanding about life. She teaches humans how to get in contact with the Universe, in order to understand and see things that are beyond. She has authored three books - about her life encounters and the knowledges of the different levels of existence within the Universe. They are My E.T. Diary, My Angel Diary and My Starry Knight Diary. The English translations of the first two books are available. These books are like no other books that has ever been written on this planet, the frequencies and high Light knowledge and encodements contained within them, will bring shifts and openings to a reader. 


Channie is a beautiful liaison, a lovely golden bridge, a soft crystal-tone voice and an intermediary between dimensions. Her wide panoramic view through Time Opens through worlds, planes of existence, dimensions, universes, and Creations of Colors. Her expertise reaches also beyond All of that, into a Reality behind the realities known in our Universe, Far into what could be called The Beyond, where long ago all true Light & Love originates from. Her fantastic wide-angled view encompasses what I call The True Beginning. And because everything is Energy, everything is about Frequency and Vibration. Knowledge is vibration too, so Higher knowledge Raises our vibrations. So the gifts and knowledge that she brings are instrumental in Changing Consciousness and Lifting us to a Higher dimensional Quality. And who else is she really, cause many Loving souls from different Dimensions and Universes, can Fully enter her and work through what we here see as Channie's body.


Channie West

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Channie West
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