It's just a Game

There have always existed specific souls that have chosen to come into the Blue Creation for very special reasons.  When they are there, they are trying to find or come into contact with a specific energy, or something else that they carry and hold in a unique way in the Blue Creation.  They exist to help others understand and realize great truths, such as, for example, the Fundamental Truths and the Holy Principles that lead to enlightenment.  But you should know something.  Everything is much bigger and much older than that.  Everything started both before and beyond, and there exists a greater Beyond. 


Let us now imagine that we want to view the bigger picture of everything that exists.  At the same time we live on Mother Earth we may also live in completely different worlds.  And in turn those worlds, dimensions, planes or layers are all a part of the Blue Creation.  Everything in this creation, just as everything in all the other color creations that exist in other places, is now on its way to a higher level.  All of this happens at the same time everywhere, but only in different ways and with different processes depending on where it happens.

Let us think about all this like a big Computer Game, but this is not a simple Computer Game, but the most advanced and sophisticated game that has ever been created.  If we are to be able to observe all the changes that are in progress simultaneously in all the creations, then think about them as separate events in the actual Computer Game. 

When you yourself experience a Spiritual Evolution or another spiritual process in your development, perhaps an awakening to the insight and truth about yourself and who you really are, then these are just small parts in the whole of the great Computer Game. 

It is when you spiritually start to realize things on a higher level that the parts of the Computer Game become clearer and easier to perceive, and when the understanding of it and that you live in a spiritual computer game comes to you.  When it does so, life here on Earth will have a completely different meaning.  If you realize that the program is there in the background of precisely Everything, and if you realize that somebody has created it, a form of programmer, a Game Master, you will be able to play the computer game in a different way.  If you also understand and realize that that was the beginning of Everything and that the game will continue over and over again until it is finished being played, then you will start to get the knack of the game.  All of this makes it so that you can and will be able to know things in a different way in the future.  If you, also against all odds, happen to know the one who created the Computer Game, the Game Master, then you can, of course, ask about the game rules and other things in the sequences of the game, and then, of course, it is easier to play.  You suddenly understand so much more if you know about the rules.  But even if you don’t know the Game Master, you can connect yourself up to the Game Master and ask for advice. 

The key to open up understanding lies in the acceptance that Everything is like a game and that Everything that happens is a part of the actual game.  To accept is the most important part in order to be able to continue to a higher level in the game. 

It is very important to know that this game has been played before.  It can also be mentioned that the game hasn’t been finished and completed before with all the parts of the Holy Structure, but only with certain parts of the Wholeness.  The game has been finished before in different ways, but always with a “Game Over” as a result, instead of the word “Win.”  And you have been in it every time, and you have also always chosen where you wanted to be, in which worlds and on what level in the game you wanted to start from and how far you wanted to reach.  You always chose to say, “To the end,” even if it didn’t turn out the way you and everyone else had hoped. 

You have never been forgotten in the game.  No one is ever forgotten in the game.  For you have an imprint from all the different levels that you already played in before.  No one is ever forgotten or unimportant in this Computer Game. 

In every new cycle, version or edition of the Computer Game, you have a purpose or an energy that you’re carrying.  This is always visible and shown or brought forward in special areas of the Holy Structure. 

So why is everything like this?  Why is the wholeness structured in this way? 

It takes billions and billions of years to try to play every single version or edition of the Computer Game.  And it is as if every version of the Computer Game just gets better and better.  Each time you get a little closer to the denouement, its final completion and the completely perfect ending of the game, instead of reading “Game Over” and having to stop in the middle of the game. 

What happens when a planet or a universe and a creation go through a Spiritual Evolution is that they raise themselves to a new and higher level, an enormously big step.  But this doesn’t automatically mean that they play the whole game to the end.  They have only taken one of perhaps many steps upwards.  If everything is to be finished playing, all the creations have to raise themselves to their absolute highest level at the same time.  And it is not always that they do so during one game round.  Often everyone doesn’t have time to play from the beginning to the end, so, therefore, some of the Creations of the All have changed some things around to make it more natural and easily apparent to the players what is going on.  This is so they learn how to play the game to “win," all because it is hoped that the game will be played to the end sometime. 

This is all about billions and billions of years of evolutions and still the Computer Game hasn’t been played to the perfect ending.  The end of the game is when: It is played all the way to the end, and then the possibilities are given to a few others to take the roles and levels of the Game Master.  So that these few get the possibilities themselves to recreate a completely new Computer Game again, around themselves.  In the background, though, there is always a hidden Great Game Master, and also some obvious game pieces and levels that always have to be there in each edition.  Otherwise the Holy Structure falls apart. 

So you could say that X in the Holy Structure will give birth to new X’s, so that they can do this themselves. 

This time the game is being played differently though.  The Game Master wants to stimulate the game in the right direction to try to play it out in a way that shall be easier for everyone.  And because the game hasn’t been played so fluidly and easily before, as wished, the Game Master itself has this time jumped into the Computer Game.  The Game Master has also added a few new rules in the game to make it easier and stimulate people to grow and be a part of and create their own Spiritual Evolution.  For there are ways to help people to understand how they can help without having to reveal everything.  This time the Game Master has also let some feel the Holy Structure from Beyond, so that they, in turn, can spread the understanding of it to others, since an understanding of the Holy Structure and Everything Beyond and X is one of the ultimate Knowledges that lead to complete enlightenment. 

ET Contactee

Perhaps your role is the important work with manifesting and living with the changes that occur in the Computer Game.  You should know one thing, you are needed, and the game itself is dependent upon you as one of the active players in the game.  You need to be there in the Computer Game so that we all will be able to work together as a unity.  We need to be there, in that part which we each are in this version’s powerful game working towards a hopeful completion.  There are many ways to take to reach this cycle and version’s end.  They will all lead to the denouement of the computer game, the final completion and the complete perfect ending of the game.  Thank you for being with us! 

If you want to understand more and go deeper into the Computer Game, there is a specific feeling.  If you go far enough into a deep acceptance of the Computer Game and if you relate to the game as something existing, then you become more open.  You will in a different way become more open to more things in many directions and areas of your life, especially your spiritual life.  The deep acceptance of the game as a Computer Game is, however, a metaphor. 

It is the underlying meaning with the word game that I want to bring forward. 

In the Computer Game a few specifically chosen ones have unique tasks, much because they have specific positions in the game.  Their task is to, with humbleness, help others and Everything to perfect itself to its highest Vibration.  For everything must complete itself to its highest Vibration.  These few know of X and X’s energies.  The understanding and acceptance of X’s energies as something existing where everything started from is only needed once as one thought.  A truth that becomes a key. 

This acceptance is more of a feeling than a mental way to recognize or understand the energy in a pure scientific or technical way.  This acceptance and its feeling are more than a common feeling, because it needs to be a deep feeling of acceptance and not just a thought being thought a little here and there.  It needs to be a feeling with a special depth behind it, a willingness to reach and love the facts of how things really are.  To surrender the old and just accept the new, to the thought, with a very soft feeling of reverence behind it all. 

If you want to develop it is, in one way, important to think about how everything you have experienced in your life is a part of the Computer Game’s program and different levels of the game.  This computer game has been going on for a long time, very much longer than one of your complete life cycles from birth to death, as, for example, a human being.  So even if you died, you came back to this specific game round again, and that has happened an innumerable amount of times.  And at the same time you do that you may also live parallel lives on other planes, in other dimensions or worlds. 

The Game Master and the Computer Game themselves have a wish that the game and all its different levels will finally find the goal line at the same time, and by doing that finish with the right feeling.  It has never done that before, so now our work is extra important. 

Well, this is a little about the Computer Game.  There is, as mentioned, a lot that can open up for you if you choose to ponder further on this subject, so start to think a little as if life is a Computer Game.  It has as mentioned been played before, and more than once, but hasn’t succeeded.  The Game Master and the Game want to try to make everything in it, including you, play in its specific role, so that they find the right way and get all the trophies and points, and reach all the levels for the completion; the right and perfect ending.  It is your turn to be here and now to make the game end in the best way.  Now the Game Master is in the game to help.  So seek contact, reach out with a thought and ask for advice for the great game of your life. 

Now the game is taking a different direction than before, and everything looks good for everything and everyone.  If you also take in this thought, even if it feels a little strange, you actually also help to open up not just yourself, but also others to a new and higher level of the game. 

Start in a more conscious way to be aware of all your spiritual steps while you develop even more to higher levels together with the Spiritual Evolution on this planet.  Think about your spiritual steps and new levels as parts of the game.  The more you look at your own spiritual life experiences as “Aha” and “Aha, I got it!,” the more you develop.  See to your life with a deeper wish to help others to reach their Higher Vibration.  Then you yourself will proceed in a smoother way through the game, with more knowledge, happiness, and understanding, and will be shown appreciation from all the participants and levels of the game, and from the Holy Structure. 

It is just a Computer Game but you yourself are responsible for how you want to play the game.  My suggestion is to play the game with ardor and passion, be wise and kind and have patience.  Have an open willingness to learn and try then to remember your mistakes so that you can learn from them also. 


One day the Sun shall arise over the Truth,

then the last piece of the puzzle will fall into place

and the puzzle will be complete,

 with all the pieces in their right place. 

Only then is the Game played to the end 

 and new Game Masters can be appointed

and new roles be taken 

 on the Creational masterly stage of surprises. 

One day the Sun shall arise over the Truth..




Channie West
Silver Light Vibrations

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