The Beyon





The Beyond kept on calling us from far far away...

The Beyond, The Holy Divine Structure, and all its sublime beauty and eternal knowledges wants us to awaken from our dreamy existence of reality, as we see it.

Because in The Beyond lays the highest Truths.

Do You Want to Develop Yourself Furthest?

Beyond the Highest of Highest

Do You Want to Understand The Greatest Inner Spiritual Secrets?


Finally are we able to study The Sensational Beyond education here on Earth.

The Beyond courses contain the highest eternal knowledges and truths ever and has never been available in our universe before just now recently, after the internationally sublime Extraterrestrial Healer & Contactee Channie West brought it here to earth and our reality.


Do you want to give something Beyond to your Higher Selves?

One of the unique things with The Beyond courses, is that this information has to spread

from our level here on earth, up to higher dimensions and the parallel universes

where the fairies, unicorns, seraphimes and light beings etc live.

Even if The Beyond is on the highest level, the knowledges has to be given to us first in fact,

it starts down here actually, and then we can have the great honour and joy

to spread all its sublime beauty upwards..


Channie was asked if She wanted to do the Most Important work Ever

with learning about The Beyond and thereafter spreading it, and she Agreed.

But all its Secrets was written in 46.000 Books,

each of over thousand pages, stored in a very old Library out in the Universe.

And the Language was some sort of a most Unique secret Extraterrestrial one.

Still Channie wanted to try, but after discovered that the first sign on the first page,

in the first book, took her 3 months to understand, and the third one contained

all alone all the information about our Universe and a parallel one,

she thaught she could never make it through all the books in time.

That was until the books became Alive, and she could just hold her hands on them,

and the information started floating up to her Heart by her blod vessels,

and it looked like Shimmering Gold.

She was the only one in the Universe allowed to even enter the Library,

but thanks, Lovely Channie managed to do it, for us and Everyone.. 

Also when you start these totally amazing courses,

you can put all the papers and files you receive, under your bed;

And every time you sleep, you yourself and higher self

will actually take in more of the information.

Together with initiations working as sort of healing to help,

you may be able to even enter The Beyond,

more and more with your Soul..

Mystical Knowledge

Classes 1,2,3 and 4

 Black Text

What is Reality? Do you want to know where you came from? Do you wish to find your way to your True Home? Where did everything existing come from and where is it all going? How do you fit in? What is Life? If Life is a Game, what are its Rules? What is its purpose? Who are the players? Who in the world are you? And who could you be in other worlds and places? Do you have one Higher Self or many? What is Spirituality? What has happened 200 million years ahead of schedule and is affecting you now? What is your part in all of this? What is the smallest yet strongest thing inside of you? How can you see The Big Picture? Could you connect to things that are Ultimate? Does Divineness have levels? Where are they? What is Divine? How can you know more? How can you expand the most in the shortest amount of time? What even is Time? Why are things like they are? What kind of an education is this? What can it do for you? Can you make a difference? Who are you, really? What is really going on?


Everything and everyone has a Beginning. Everyone and everything has an Origin and comes from Somewhere. We have all heard about and talked about looking at The Big Picture; a landscape of Reality that is like a Huge Puzzle with many smaller pieces fitting into it. Humans talk about trying to find The Bigger Picture of Life which implies having a totally different perspective than zooming into a smaller picture. With a Bigger and Wider vision of Reality, things that were hidden before become visible. The connections between everything become obvious. It is like looking at a countryside by standing on a hill versus looking at a countryside through a window in an airplane high in the sky. What if it were a spaceship? The difference would be so dramatic and so complete. So much more would be revealed. The viewer could see how cities fit into states fitting into countries that fit into continents and finally into one planet. The Higher you go up, the wider your vision of existence can be.


The Origin for everyone and everything is a region of Reality with levels that have been hidden, until now, from humans, Extraterrestrials, Angels, and Light Beings living on planets fitting into galaxies fitting into Universes fitting into something larger called a Color Creation. What if you could know what all the Creations ultimately fit into? This Picture of Reality we call The Beyond.


What if you could be lifted Higher up in your Spirituality so that you could view The Biggest Picture? What if you could see Where Everything in Existence actually comes from? What if you could become aware of the levels of a Huge Reality existing long before there were any people living on planets in any Creation? What if there was a Border that had hidden This Huge Reality from everyone living in any world until Now? Would you want to cross this Barrier? The Reality of The Beyond is a place that has The Highest Truth and The Holiest of Divine Energy. If there was an education that could reveal the Truth behind Everything, would you be interested?


Spiritual people talk about Oneness and an Original Power or Force that everything comes from. They may call it God or something else. But what if what you have always called God or Creator is also coming from something even farther away, than that? Wouldn't it be enlightening to understand The Holy Divine Structure of Life, what the First Things really were and why things have been as they are, as if in a Game unfolding with a Total Purpose? Would you be interested to understand Where the Oneness is and how you fit into it?


When a person begins a study of The Beyond, they will change dramatically along the way. Maybe you think you know who and what you are. But what if there was even more to your Ultimate Self than you ever realized? Do you want to open up to a completely expanded perspective of Truth? What if you could change the size of your perspective through a Life Changing class? Would you volunteer for this kind of a shift in yourself?

Space & Time Traveling

This education will open your mind and change your reality to more fit the True Reality. How can we say that for sure? Well, with an open mind, comes an open heart. And with an open heart, comes an open possibility and chance, for that heart to reach out and let the mind open even more. If something is really True, it will touch you in the mind, the Heart, the Soul, the Spirit and even more than those. From within inside of you, you will be able to feel and know this Home that you are always searching for.


In the way that humans have learned on Earth, there is generally a linear time line that is referred to, that has a beginning and moves toward an ending. But the human being on Earth knows very little, if anything, about The Beginning of Everything and how it All started. It could be said, also, that the human being on Earth knows very little, if anything, about where "everything" is going and what an "ending" could even be about.


Have you wondered what started everything? Have you wondered where it is all going? There is no place on Earth where answers like this to questions about the Origin of Life and Love and the Total Beginning have ever been shared.


Time Travel

Sometimes even the most advanced Spiritual being, doesn't know it All. And maybe the most important of all higher Knowledges and Truths, simply need to come from another source and direction, other than that Higher Space where it originally sprang from. Maybe the carrier and messenger of such a Knowledge and Truth need to be the smallest and most insignificant being, from the lowest of Worlds. And maybe that's the reason why that someone could hold, carry and transfer just that kind of

Higher Knowledge and Truth.

Have you ever wanted to give something to your Higher Self? Now you can.


Most knowledges spread from the top downwards and other knowledges spread from the bottom upwards. Knowledge of The Beyond is the latter kind. Part of the wonder of this class is that your Higher Selves, guides, angels and many Masters can learn about The Beyond through your education.


But what if there were Higher, Higher Selves, that live in The Beyond and in The Before that you could connect to? Like an Ultimate Higher Self in The Beyond and a Higher Self in The Before? You could help everything existing in a direct way by reaching into these parts of yourself. Maybe we cannot travel to such places, but our minds, thoughts and Energy can reach into really big things, if we know how. Maybe you could have a bigger role in life than anything you have ever imagined, that would enable you to connect to things and work with things for the Highest Good of your Earth, your Creation and all the Creations, and even The Beyond?


Although it may sound impossible and far reaching, it is possible to open many doors if we have True Keys. True Keys kind of dust us off and help us to shine out more. And Shine can change a lot of things.


What if you were born to shine?


Everything and everyone are a part of The Beyond with their inner Essence. These classes help us connect with that Essence so that we can open ourselves up from this level to reach the Highest of it All. Amongst information, meditations and Initiations, there are hidden openings and knowledges behind the words, as it tells the story of the Very Beginning.


This Divine Knowledge has been hidden from everyone in all the Creations, until just recently, in the last few years. Channie brought it to the Earth, the lowest level, and by humans taking in this Knowledge, it began to spread to our Universe through the shared Soul of the Higher Selves of the humans who went to classes or took in this understanding. Now it is spreading all over our Universe. We live in The Blue Creation, with our Universe, a parallel Universe and a few small universes. This Knowledge is now being taught in all of the millions of other Color Creations. It is also being taught now on The New Earth.


Beyond 1+2

While the first class lays a beautiful foundation of Understanding and Knowledge, that is sturdy and constructed to hold up the house, the second class is like the doors, windows and rooms to walk through into even greater Understanding in Spirituality.


Beyond 1

In the way that humans have learned on Earth, there is generally a linear time line that is referred to, that has a beginning and moves toward an ending. But the human being on Earth knows very little, if anything, about The Beginning of Everything and how it All started. It could be said, also, that the human being on Present Earth knows very little, if anything, about where "everything" is going and what an "ending" could even be about. Education of this nature could be referred to as education about "The Beyond." Or the "Before." It could be said that: wherever the human being's understanding of "The Beginning" begins… there is a lot before that.


There is a "border" of understanding and a real "Border" in The Reality that separates The Color Creations from What is before and beyond them. This Knowledge has been hidden, even from the people in Our Universe. Across this "Border" there are players in an enormous Game. Some of these players may be working across the "Border" and be living next door to you, on Earth. Much has been hidden for many reasons, for some knowledges have lost energy in being told before the right Time.


There is a "border" of understanding and a real "Border" in The Reality that separates The Color Creations from What is before and beyond them. This Knowledge has been hidden, even from the people in Our Universe. Across this "Border" there are players in an enormous Game. Some of these players may be working across the "Border" and be living next door to you, on Earth. Much has been hidden for many reasons, for some knowledges have lost energy in being told before the right Time.


The Beyond Class 1: On Earth a lot of things are studied in a certain order that is sort of linear. This is a course that is like a sketch, in one way. It is a very shortened version of how things started and while it includes some of "Everything Under The Sun" it cannot include the "Sum of" Everything Under The Sun. There are many details and connections and understandings that are left for a later time, or for The Beyond Class 2 or The Beyond Class 3 and even 4. Knowledge needs to settle. Channie mentions about bread crumbs being given, which always reminds me of the fairytale story of Hansel and Gretel. They dropped breadcrumbs on the forest floor so that they could find their way back home. A breadcrumb is not the whole piece of the bread puzzle, but a small morsel, leading in the right direction. When a lot of breadcrumbs are assembled you have a better possibility of seeing how the puzzle really is put together.


The First Class is like throwing out many breadcrumbs, in order to assemble a certain understanding. They are like bookmarks to be placed in the mind and in the heart, that you can return to, again and again, and see more deeply into the Truth within the information. Remember that everything is energy. Every word, color, thought, action, melody, symbol, feeling, - every nuance indeed - is energy. Energy affects energy. Since we are energy beings in the process of raising our frequency/vibration/energy, the energy of knowledge, information, understanding, and wisdom can lift our frequencies and change us into some other form of energy. Higher knowledge, therefore, raises our frequencies and is part of our evolving process.


This material is offered as a precious energy gift that will fill in many of the blanks that the human mind, heart and memory has difficulty recalling. We have all known there is more to know. And a Much Bigger Picture going on. The Beyond Education is beyond words. It answers where everything everywhere existing ever came from and even how. And it goes step by step. It begins with Class 1.


With each class, there is a Teacher Force that is used, one or more Initiations (which can be done by distance) and other special things around it. I have been authorized and personally trained by Channie to teach these classes, either in person or on-line. The majority of people have received it online, which has enabled people all over the world who are ready and desiring this, to receive it easily and in a short amount of time.


A lot of work went into the creation of the curriculum of these special classes. Each word has to be in the right way for the vibration and the pages are many with a lot of information carefully selected for the best result of opening up people to a higher level of understanding. This class information brings you into a new way of things, it changes your life if you allow it to do so. There are many parts of it that you have to realize or understand yourself. There are some parts which you want to maybe go into deeper by meditation and so on. But allow yourself the time to read, reflect, and understand and you will be rewarded with an understanding that not many people on this Earth have. Channie has said that just holding the pages of these courses can open up a person. Remember everything is energy. She also feels that putting copies of the papers and maps under the bed, helps to bring in the frequency to the person, during sleep.


Maybe the very best is to be able to go to a class personally and physically. The energy in a class is amazing. But Channie and I both knew that there would be people who couldn't really come to a class. She is not really teaching it everywhere, because she is so busy. So it is available as a kind of "correspondence course." You get it by email, and you then also have me as a little bit of a help, standing beside you, if you need to talk to someone, as your concepts change, or you need or if you have some questions. Maybe you need to share with someone how your life is changing from this course. As long as I can, I will answer every letter.


Some people call the classes The Beyond. We started with the first one being called Everything Under The Sun. You will soon understand why.

What is Included in the First Beyond Class

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Extra Pages
  4. A Colored Map of The Holy Divine Structure
  5. An Initiation that is set up on distance
  6. A Remembrance Sign, to help a little with remembering the energy of the class. It works best when a person is there in the physical, but we also send it to the email classes.


Healing depression

Beyond 2

The second class in The Beyond is a 3-day physical course that has much more detail and a lot more information. It really fills out and builds upon the first class, making the knowledge more substantial. The basic curriculum is over 90 pages. The contents of this class take your breath away. There is no place on Earth where answers like this to questions about the True Origin of Life and Love and the Total Beginning have ever been shared.


While the first class lays a beautiful foundation, that is sturdy and constructed to hold up the house, the second class is like the doors and windows and rooms themselves, to walk through into even greater Understanding in Spirituality. Soon we can see that the foundation begins to make more sense and that the structure that begins to come together, begins to be a great and gorgeous Mansion, which gives us the comfort of many of our questions answered and acknowledged. It gives us a new place in which to live with our hearts and with our minds. And it gives us a certain Peace that comes with Understanding.


During this class we discovered that some knowledges spread out from the top downwards and other knowledges are meant to spread from the bottom upwards. This is one of those classifications. The True Knowledge of The Beyond has been sort of a secret in the Universe, waiting for Divine Timing. It has been a hidden Knowledge for every Color Creation and everywhere. No one had this education except for those living in The Beyond, until Channie brought it to us. For this reason, our Higher Selves do not know The Beyond information. (Since it is being taught now in our Universe, many of our Higher Selves are hearing about it and learning about it now. But it is coming into them First Hand when it comes through YOUR Consciousness!)


We could have bodies in The Beyond even while knowledge of The Beyond has been sort of hidden from us, in our other bodies. There are reasons for this. And this is also one reason why it is so incredible that we can learn this. Our Higher Selves begin to take it in, through us, when we are learning it. And then our Higher Selves can pass it over to "their" Higher Self. This Knowledge is not well known throughout Everything existing. Of course those in The Beyond know it. But part of the wonder of this class is that our Higher Selves, guides, angels and many Masters can begin to learn about The Beyond through our education here. That is why Channie wrote the file "How Low Can You Go."


During the first class that Channie taught of Beyond 2, she spontaneously made 5 cassette tapes that are transcribed, so there are another 90 pages of information. We have decided to offer the transcriptions of the 5 tapes and the materials that go along with them. It contains a lot of wisdom and a lot of information that is either further explanation to Class 2 or even new information that wasn't first included. She went into some very interesting topics and I believe it is really very important.

What is Included in the Second Beyond Class

  1. Day One
  2. Day Two
  3. Day Three
  4. Extra Pages
  5. Initiation

The Extra Package for Class 2

  1. 90 more pages taken from 5 tapes
  2. 3 Beyond Meditations
  3. 5 Drawings that relate to the Class


Beyond 3+4

With each successive Beyond course, it gets more difficult to write a synopsis of what the class is about. The third part is an experience of such refined and High frequency that it could be called life-changing. The Beyond 3 class reaches heights and levels not experienced before in any class situation on this planet. That is, until The Beyond 4 class.


While three parts of this education have focused across the Border separating Creations from Their True Origin, the fourth part of The Beyond classes goes even deeper. What if there was another Border to The Beyond, going the other way, into where The Beyond came from? But what if that were still not the True, True Beginning? Would you be interested in taking one more Huge Step into what was even before That? It is a whole other dimension for the mind to comprehend. It is said that "If there is Something that has no level of anything before It, that Beginning Place would hold the Key to Everything Existing, because that would be evenmore than The Totality of Everything Divine."


It could be said that: wherever the human being's understanding of "The Beginning" begins… there is a lot before that.


What if you could understand yourself to be a part of the largest Divine Quality existing? Could you let go of your current beliefs and open your hand for this education? Would you gift yourself with that? This education has reached into our Universe, and has turned the people in a new direction, toward their True Home and Origin. It has brought about deep unity, harmony, understanding and joy. What could it do for you?

Higher Dimension

♡ Art by our Angelfriend ° the Fabulous Annelie ♡

Beyond 3

The Beyond 3 is a 3-day Course that takes more than a lifetime to really understand with an Earth mind. It is an educational experience of such refined and high frequency that I would call it life-changing. In a large physical class with Channie, everyone present would attest to that. And now, like the previous Beyond courses, it is being brought to more people as a correspondence/email course, as well. This is a class that a person's Higher Self(s) is truly wanting to you to take because when you do, that part of you takes in it in a really good way.


With each successive course in The Beyond, it gets increasingly more difficult to write a synopsis of what the class is about. The Beyond 3 class reaches heights and levels that have not been experienced before in any class situation on this planet. The material is quite a bit more advanced and there is more of it! There are 18 pages that totally changed my life. In the course, these pages are in the section that is called "The Beginning." It goes into a part that takes place before The Beyond, in a Reality, we call The Before. I say that we call it this or that, because, truthfully, it has no words. All of this Knowledge comes from so far away and there are no "words," especially in any Earth language that could describe these realities.

Beyond Crystal


"Before Nothingness, Something and Everything (The All), One Total Voice of The Higher Heavens was the Beginning. The Higher Heavens that The Total Voice stepped out of is, in our world of today and with our minds now, impossible to understand. It represents Nothing and Empty Space. So, The Total Voice just Was and Is the Beginning of Everything and All"…


"Nothingness is a Place where Everything sleeps as One. Nothingness has no border, no beginning and no end. It only Is. Nothingness is not empty; just an untried solution. An empty paper with a possible beginning, or not. Nothingness rests until Something changes that&hellilp;"


The middle part of the course contains the most number of pages. There are over 210 pages in the original course, and the topics are in-depth.


There is also a surprising and remarkable Ending Part for this course. The section is called "The Game Behind The Game. Where Did The Higher Heaven Come From? The Beginning for The Ending."


"The thing is that we call it The Higher Heaven. And there has been more than one Game"…

What is Included in the Third Beyond Class

  1. Discussion about The Beginning, In-depth discussion about The Sun, Choices of The Original Sun, The Holy Garden of The Original Sun, The Sun's Angelic Worlds, What is inside The Sun, The Barrier and The Ray of White Time, Inside The Dimensional Sun, What is Inside The Shape, The White Universe, Silver Universe and Gold Universe, True Forces and Forces, Outer Rays and Inner Ray, Rays of Force, About The Game and Its Rules, The Passage to The Kingdom of Highest Divinity, The Sky of Eternity, and so much more….
  2. 20 Colored Maps and Drawings
  3. 3 Special Signs
  4. Initiation


Alternative Medicine

Beyond 4

With each successive Beyond course, it gets more difficult to write a synopsis of what the class is about. Beyond 3 was an experience of such refined and High frequency that it could be called life-changing. The Beyond 3 class reached heights and levels not experienced before in any class situation on this planet. That is, until The Beyond 4 class. Maybe the most wonderful and unique thing about this class, is that even those who could not attend the 2-day physical class with Channie, will, upon receiving the class by distance, have a direct experience of her, with her and by her, via the audio files that she made. The audio files contain of course the frequency of her voice and language. But more than that, they contain a unique Quality that I find difficult to put into words. Every word that she spoke was carefully chosen and the entire class was done in layers. That something makes this course a one-of-a kind course, that I call not a class but an "experience." Because the class was created in this special way, it became exceptional, totally distinctive, and matchless. For that reason it was more like a lecture, in that there were little or not distractions, questions, or interruptions, except at the appropriate time for questions. This enabled Channie to create the recording in a way that could only be accomplished by her. There are hidden Initiations and things that Channie has done with these recordings that could not be duplicated. You will feel the energy and frequency of this kind of a class - a class that I call High Class and in a Class of its own.


The fourth part of The Beyond classes goes further back than Beyond 3 went. What if there was another Border to The Beyond, going the other way, into where The Beyond came from? There is, and it can be called "The Before." And what if that were still not the True, True Beginning? Would you be interested in taking one more Huge Step into what was even before That? It could be called "The Beginning." It is a whole other dimension for the mind and heart to comprehend. And yet this is not about dimensions as we have heard of them. All of this is way way way way back before there were any dimensions or planets. It is said that "If there is Something that has no level of anything before It, that Beginning Place would hold the Key to Everything Existing, because that would be even more than The Totality of Everything Divine."


This level of the class is very much different than the other classes have been. If you take this course online, there are 42 written pages that will be emailed to you. But you will receive even more information with 7 hour audio-files containing the two days of the actual class with Channie!


In that class there are 3 major Meditations and there are also Hidden Initiations. By listening to these CDs you connect with the frequency and you will receive the hidden Initiations. This class also has Initiations which are given out in 3 sets. After the sets are completed, the connection and understanding of the class deepens and will allow you to have a wider view and a broader spectrum of the class which you need because you cannot ask questions about this class to me or to Channie. On this level you have to work with yourself for yourself and for the continuation of your growing into the Purest Highest Creative Form of Yourself.


There will be a possibility later on that you will receive your Highest form Name, if that is appropriate and you will also have a possibility to do other meditations. But that is up to time and possibilities for Channie to share that with you and all of us when the time is right.


This education will lead you and your energy to find out more for yourself and about yourself. We live on the lowest level, Earth, a World 1 planet. And in this course you will learn how to connect with a

unit of Energy where we are all One and which could be called your Purest, Highest Creative Form of yourself. There is a unique experience that is both revelatory and important in doing work, when we connect the highest and the lowest together.


Natural Healing

Class 5

Taught by Channie


As you probably know and feel, there is a lot more to the story of The Beyond, The Before and The Beginning. Such as, how did The Beginning get its start? And who and what stands in The Beginning and what takes place there? In this class, in one direction, we come to understand more about the True Beginning and downward. But the material will also cover how Everyone and Everything moves in the other direction; from the Color Creations into The Beyond, from Beyond into The Before, and what happens with The Beginning that brings Everyone and Everything back Home.


This whole experience of documenting and writing down all of this Knowledge and information, and the whole writing of all of The Beyond courses has been a journey which has taken us, step by step, to the Higher Levels of Everything and the complete Understanding of Everything. When people (readers) are taking their steps, it cannot be explained from the very beginning exactly how everything really is... That means that there are things that will be explained in a more precise way or even in a different way, as the education unfolds. The Beyond 5 Course unfolds and goes where no course has gone before!


There is a huge gap between what has been revealed so far in the classes, and what more can be said, at this time. In this course more of the "steps" of going back will be taught. This course embraces more of just how Everything goes into Perfection. We have talked about how things exist on levels. In this course we will see how everything exists on levels, and how there are always three, but actually four. In other courses, we have talked about how The Beyond is emptying out. In this course we will also see that Everything has to be emptied out and that goes for everywhere. We will understand how everything is provided for in a Game. We will get an understanding about The Beginning and the Qualities maybe even before that…


Click under to read

 "It's just a Game"

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Simply said, sometimes when utter Truth is spoken and felt and enters the mind, heart, soul and Spirit — there needs to be a moment when time would appear to stand still. So everything from before that pristine moment can bend and reshape itself and settle into a different landscape. When The Beginning and The Prime Level of The Beyond is talked about, it alters the entire reality. Nothing from before would ever be the same. Just the mention of that Existence, even though there is no name for it — shifts and changes every cell in the body. In so many bodies in  so many times, we have searched for the seed of our beginningness — for the Seed of All — for what could have begun IT all — the One — the One that lighted the Many. Religions have grasped and pointed to other beginnings that weren't that, but carried hope. Philosophers have grasped certain ideas and stood still there, with them, not capable of crossing over their borders. Teachers have opened the question and played around with the answer without answering it because they did not know. Too far back and not revealed. Spirituality itself has longed for the true tone of Truth; the first note of the symphony to come..


Love's Promise and the promise of Love come face to face when something of this magnitude is spread out, like an elegant picnic event; a treat for all existence.  The Beyond education at this level reveals that Everything was always provided, Everything is provided….and in a setting such as Channie's Beyond 5 gathering — what was provided to those who came is something that will only unfold itself softly, slowly, and within time itself.

When there is a gathering, people walk in, sit down, listen and hear, laugh and talk, get distracted, get focused and meditate and explore and on and on and on and then they go home. But after The Beyond 5 gathering, wherever they go, they cannot go back. It just isn’t possible.


When people have been touched in this way by this Great Knowledge, they are anointed. They are blessed in a new way. It is not that they are better, or more, than anyone else. But something rare and magical and extremely important, extremely Spiritual, is provided to them in such a way that it lifts them into a new reality and binds them, bonds them, in a unique way with The Levels of The Beyond.


...........\',|;\-,.¸ .¸¸ . . . ¸,.,¸. 

. . . . ¸,' ¸,. . ¸ `-,"~-~',¸,.¹-~-._¸,. 

. . . . ) . '"¨ . .):. .`-,;:.`,';;'¸,.¹¯¸¸,.- 

. . .,-' , , , , ,-';:.. . .`-¸;:.`,'--~'`,¯-.,¸_, 

. . (. ,•¸,-~'¨|;;;::.. .. . "-,;:/,`,-~-~¬;:;;`"~~":;; 

``````````/;;;:;::... ,, ..:;, . . . . . . . . . .,.................;:;;`"~~" 

. . . . . . . . . \;;::.. . `` .:;;;, . . . . . . . . . .::: . . .,'`"~.,~--"`¨ 

. . . . . .¸.-~¬"`,-';:. . ..:;;::... .. .. . .. ... ..:;;. . . .,' . . . .`"*"`¯ 

. . . . . l':,~-¬`;;:¸.-~¬"```"¬~--~¬, ..:;;¸-'¨¯`\;:.. ./ 

. ... . . |`|/`",-'¯ . . . . . . . . . ... . . .`,.::;;\ . . . `,;:.\ 

. . . . . .l,/`/,.¸ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ).::;;\ . . . .`¸;:`, 

. . . . . ./ (-.¸ ) . . . . . . . . . . . . .¸.-".:,-"' . . . . . \;:./ 

. . . . . |-~\ . ¨ . . . . . . . . . . .¸-' ¸.-`' . . . . . . . . |

. . . . . '-"¨ . . . . . . . . . . . . ./¨`/` . . . . . . . . . . /

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "`¨ . . . . . . . . . .¸"_/


The echo of home in their ears, how could they return to their lives without reflection? And what is reflection and what is being reflected? Could be such a strong Light that everything takes on a new polish, a new gleam, a new sparkle. And when everything takes on a New ness, it can be a little disconcerting to the Old nest that we have flown out of. We would never go back. But there can be an uncomfortable feeling of not knowing exactly how to go forward. To fit ourselves into the rest, into what was before, just days ago… There could be a strange question about the days ahead; their meaning. What to do. Where to go. Who to be. This is momentary and it is a good sign. It means we were touched deeply.


If everything changes, then it changes everything. And even to those of us who seek change and want everything to be real and to reveal itself, with the changes to the very fabric of yesterday, there can be an uncertainty that can feel like tight clothes. It can take the breath away. But there is no going back either. When people have heard certain Truths, and taken in certain Knowledge, it is a point of no return. Then Knowledge can begin to transform into Wisdom.


If a person would be exposed to Divine Truths at this level and then just quietly went back home and picked up where they had just left off .... well, then I would wonder if they had really opened up the windows and doors of the Soul and taken in the fresh scent of our Truest Home. I would wonder...but maybe the changes come to each of us, in our own time. Maybe things store up. I believe it is not possible to not totally change after an experience of this magnitude. And what has changed you, will now lead you and you can trust it.


Sometimes, for me, when I view the next True thing, I open my hands like a child and let the old stuff, even the good old stuff, just run out like water out of a child's hand. It is fun to watch it go. For me, it is fun to know you are emptying out and to go ahead and feel being empty, feeling empty, allowing the empty feeling…because, with that, you are filling up with something else. 


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Some people say they have always known that everything was connected and open. But sometimes you come to an intersection in life and now some things get filled in. The houses and trees and dogs and butterflies and flowers are more filled into the picture and it is no longer just the intersection with cars taking their turns within manmade paths and lines. The everything that is connected becomes somehow more in focus, more detailed, more substantial, more outlined, more colored in, more weighty. and more filled in. Then, and only then, can Reality begin to be understood. Can Truth really shine out like a mirror exposing everything in its place and a place for everything. Then we can begin the journey of understanding and knowing what is truly behind life. That there is a meaning to life and there is a meaning to something even much more than life.


This education is being made available to those who could not come personally to Channie’s gathering about The Beyond 5. Channie’s unique abilities allowed her to energize and embed hidden Initiations and Openings into the CD that was recorded during this splendid class. It holds it all. So if you are reading this, please do not feel you have missed a once-in-a-lifetime- experience. Everyone’s dreams must be fulfilled and it is very important to have dreams and to hold on to them and to know that everything is provided for and everything is possible. If you have a dream about taking in this great Knowledge, a Pre-Initiation, a CD, written papers, and Bigger Initiations performed by Channie will enable this dream to be fulfilled. Just contact me and begin your journey.

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Beyond 5

The Beyond 5 education is now available. It contains a CD and written material; with it also comes a set of Initiations that will be performed individually with each person. We will start with the Pre-Initiation after you sign up for this on-line education. After that, you will receive your materials and then have the Bigger Initiations performed by Channie.

Please contact us if you are interested in this Phenomenal Education.


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For people who have gone to Beyond 1-5, on-line or in person, there are now boosters available for extra Openings and greater possibilities for widening the view of the written and spoken material. These come in three different boosters:


The First one is opening up people for a deeper understanding of The Beyond and the Knowledge that the classes carry forward. By this, it will be easier to go deeper into the material and even see and hear things behind the scenes.


The Second one is of a more personal nature. The experience following the booster is bringing the person to a new level in their Spirituality and connection with The Beyond. This one also helps the person to widen their view even more and deepen their connection with The Beyond and what It stands for.


The Third one is even more profound. It is also personal for each participant. It gives an even deeper realization of who each individual is and where they came from in The Beyond. It reveals more and the True heritage from far, far away in time and space can be felt and understood. The Third booster is a way to open yourself up to more, feel your specific meaning in life and to realize what your life can give you and others for the future, wherever we might be then. The Opening offers a possibility to start answering your inner questions. A perfect way to prepare for The New Earth and the Higher dimension that we are going to enter. This booster definitely gives you benefits on The New Earth.





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Beyond Healing

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