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Board of Knowledge

Michel is Directly trained by Channie West and The Board of Knowledge to give signs.

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'I have taken New huge steps in my own growth and it has led me to an incredible Wonderful, Ancient, Sacred and Secret Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge. This Unique Knowledge gives me an opportunity to Open up Souls, so that they can much Better Evolve and Grow, Freely in the Exact Right direction for that individual. By these Steps of Openings, one can really be able to 

Blossom in the Best way.' ~ Michel


The Board of Knowledge was created to give the Greatest Love and the Greatest Energy Unit of both Oneness and individual Freedom.  The Board supports Everyone to reach Total Enlightenment. It brings greater awareness of what we are moving toward and the Purpose of Everything in Life.  The Board of Knowledge Truly is the Highest New Spiritual Tool for Enlightenment!


Spiritual Enlightenment comes in multiple steps and in different ways throughout our journey here on Earth. Total Enlightenment and its Steps Never Ends actually, because we are all Eternal, not even for an Already Enlightened Master. Spirituality is a school that goes on Forever, no one is done or finished, none has to stop discovering and learning, not even the Masters or Archangels.  The Board of Knowledge is the Most Efficient and Oldest way to Open Souls Up into Their own Spirituality..


The first step in regular spirituality is usually a New form of Consciousness, Curiosity, and a Wider Search for Answers. But the first step in a Higher spiritual evolving towards Enlightenment is actually much More Advanced. The soul has already evolved and grown, maybe for many, many years, and now the soul has reached so far that their own personal Frequency in the body has started to Change. The inner vibration on the smallest level inside of the Atom’s absolute smallest building part, wants to Change its Tone. When this has happened, the Whole body and All of its atoms have Changed the Frequency and the individual has, by that, reached a New and Higher Vibrating Personal Frequency. They are inspired to Continue Searching for even More Advanced Knowledge that will take them to their Next step towards Enlightenment. We here on Earth as a consciousness have finally reached a level that makes The Board of Knowledge the Best and most Logical step to do.


The Board of Knowledge is the Highest Step that one can take that will help them Open up, remove blockages and become Closer to being a Vibrational Match to their Expanded Self and the Well-Being that they Personally actually have been looking for.


The Board of Knowledge is a very ancient Knowledge that comes from the very Beginning of Everything, millions of years ago (in this worlds Earthly thinking). This Knowledge can help souls evolve, grow, and expand in the exact and right direction for that individual . The Board of Knowledge works individually for Everyone, because we are All Unique and every person has their individual gifts in life, each person has their own specific purpose and timing for Enlightenment. The Board of Knowledge is not connected specifically to one spiritual path.  It is connected to the whole of spirituality.  It moves Beyond the borders of spiritual beliefs, doctrines or spiritual reasoning, to the emotional quality or the whole feeling Behind Any spirituality.  This is why the Board of Knowledge is so Profound and Can Really Help Everyone and Everything

The Board of Knowledge is something that is used Everywhere in the Universe among Fairies, Extraterrestrials, Angels, Archangels, Unicorns and Light Beings. The Signs on the Boards are worked with and used over and over, Endlessly. Every time a Sign is given, it helps the individual grow and expand towards what is Best for them and the direction that would lead them Further towards their Personal Total Spiritual Enlightenment. Even the already Enlightened, like Masters and Archangels, etc., benefit from continuous use of The Board of Knowledge. This Amazing Knowledge Energies can also be used to open up animals, things in nature, and planets and even suns, in the Perfect way for their growth. Everything existing in Any form is on a Spiritual Journey and seeks out Enlightenment.


It is interesting to know that the Signs are working Stronger when given from someone on Earth and this level, to others here or upwards to Higher levels (Up in Dimensions), than when someone in higher dimensions give to their level of dimension or down to us here.


The Board of Knowledge can never be used in the wrong way and no one ever outgrows it actually. The Board is Totally Safe. It is also appropriate and beneficial for that person who isn’t aware of receiving this blessed gift, because everyone is on a sort of Spiritual Journey. These Openings Always lead to the Best direction, Highest path and Spiritual understanding that is Unique for Each individual. It Carries Everyone and Everything Forward to what is their Perfect Path in life.


The Knowledge from The Board of Knowledge is Not found in any worldly books. It's higher leveles has not been used here on planet Earth before either, before Now. Specific Holy Signs are sent by “The Giver” to the requesting party who then harmonizes with the Sign(s) and moves forward on their personal spiritual path, no matter what heights/development the person, so far, has reached. Every Sign of The Board of Knowledge leads us to Greater Enlightenment and Harmony with the fullness of Who We Really Are. The Board of Knowledge Brings Out the Best in Us! The Board of Knowledge is The Ultimate thought of Central Sun Divine.


There exists Five Boards of Knowledge for us here on Earth now and each Board has 36 Signs. Each Board stands for and touches different things. Board One has more to do with the physical and Board Two stands for and deals more with psychological/emotional issues. The Board of Knowledge is The Patterns for Everyone and Everything existing and what will Become and Happen! So it actually knows Every different outcome of any Possible Future actions or events.


The Board of Knowledge can be given to Anyone, without exception! It would never ever disturb anything or force anything. It knows exactly what you need for your own Unique spiritual Freely Chosen journey. When a sign is given, it might start right away, or it might take years before it activates, and can work behind the scenes over longer time, depending on what is exactly Best for You. And Michel invites you herby to the possibility of receiving such Signs. Everyone is divinely guided to their own Steps in life as well as growing as a Spiritual Being. The Board of Knowledge can be the most significant choice you make for Your Development here on Earth.



Michel has also taken an even Higher step as a Giver, fully taught and initiated by Channie West and The Board, so The Board can be even stronger and reach much much further.. So now you can receive much more than receiving Signs from individual Boards, by for example getting the possibility of merging a Sign from different Boards, and, therefore, getting a Merged Sign. It is for example like 1 Sign from Board 1, and 1 Sign from Board 2, mixed together into another more Sign. So when they merge together like this, they so to say produce Merging Signs. This new step has opened up a lot more possibility in giving and receiving Signs. The Newer way is much Stronger and you will much faster have a completion of your Signs and their Magical Benefits. So now on earth we can actually receive 72 + 1296 + even more hidden invisible different signs from for example just two of the five Boards (because of the merging of Signs and the invisible ones). The possibilities are Really Limitless and Endless Now! Yes WOW! And even remember that even just 1 sign can be used over and over Forever, it is actually Alive and Always Changes Each time it is being used, and then Always gives something New..


'As you understand there are a lot of levels within working with The Board of Knowledge. Every day I discover just how Holy this is, how extremely Beautiful and in Perfection it is, and how it springs from such a High level of The Beyond. I have also really discovered how hidden and Secret it might work too.  I am deepest Honored to be working now so much with The Board of Knowledge in so many incredible ways, every day in so many ascpects for myself and others.

Thank you Forever.' ~ Michel





ThTimSpace Board 3


Michel's got the great honor to be a giver of BoK 3. This means much more than an earthly human brain can imagine ~ now our dreams really does not limit us for what this can do..


Please contact us for BoK-signs and more information















Pathway to The Central Sun

When starting to get energies from Board 3, you get the chance to go into Time and Space which may know a little bit of the Keys that are within The Absolute Board and points to where they comes From Outside Absolute Everything..  


The Absolute Board opens the possibility to gather the Seeds of The Foundation Behind 'Reality' ~ The Eyes of The Inherent Knowledge that are needed in this Existence to Reach to the Highest Potential of Enlightenment, Beyond the ordinary standards for Full Enlightenment, taking it into steps that were thought to be impossible, though making it coming True, into what we may call The Absolute Enlightenment..

Please contact us for more information etc.


Channie West
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